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Timely Tools is made up of CNC Milling, EDM Wire cutting, Tools Design & Modelling and grinding divisions, all within our efficient operational facilities whilst providing the capacity to ensure excellent quality control measures.

Building quality tools for production has always been a priority. With complete care and consideration going into every step of the process, from tool design to maintenance and tool protection, we are able to design and implement automatic production so our clients can be assured they are receiving reliable, durable and quality products.

Design and Manufacture of New Tools / Moulds

Our core business is the design and manufacturing of new tools including automation and custom Tooling. Our in-house designers can model the tools as per requirement for any modern or complex production strategies necessary.  

Machined Hydraulic Mould Press Piece
Tool Modification Piece


Existing tools can be modified for many reasons including to reduce wastage or improve efficiency. These modifications are completed based on the requirements of the production process, careful study of existing designs and the overall specifications of the component produced.

Manufacture of Components including Dies, Strippers and Punches

The re-productions of worn-out dies, strippers and punches are generally an easy fix in our production facilities with or without the original designs. The resulting solutions are generally digitized allowing us to provide a seamless flow of information and repeatability.  

Tool Manufacturing Machine
Steel Rod CNC Machining

CNC Machining, Milling and Wire Cutting

We use high quality CNC machines in our manufacturing division. This includes, 5 axis Mills, Lathes and EDM machines with varying capacities. The maximum work piece capacity of 3 Ton enables us to offer a large diversity of machining capabilities.


Our grinding facilities include:

  • Surface Grinding – Four machines maximum work piece 600mm x 500mm, the height of 450mm
  • Universal Cylindrical Grinding
  • Cutter and Drill Grinding
  • Punch & Form grinding

Grinding is used to produce our fine finishes and close tolerances.

Cylinder Grinding
C Frame Pneumatic Clutch Press

Metal Pressing & Stamping

Our pressing facilities include 100 ton C frame press with Pneumatic Clutch variable stroke and die cushion and a 40 ton C frame press with Pneumatic Clutch, coil feeder, press speed 75 or 150 strokes per minute with variable stroke, and Die Cushion. This enables us to test tooling with a range of production scenarios also complements purpose-built tools, catering to low and high volumes of pressed parts.