TIMELY TOOLS was established in 1979 by Roger Longstaff. Today, the company employs four toolmakers and part-time office staff, and with this small team has retained flexibility for projects and deliveries.

Our focus: building the best quality tools for the production situation has always been evident. Much thought goes into the complete process, from tool design, to tool maintenance and tool protection to enable a fully automatic production, if so required.

Workable solutions that will stand the test of time due to guaranteed quality workmanship, interchangeable precision dies an punches that can be reproduced from CAD/CAM generated designs.
Tool steel material selection to suit the most extreme conditions.

We strongly believe in expertise and experience. If we don't have it here, we source it for you.

CNC Wirecutting and Milling in-house, with integrated downloading from most CAD/CAM system.

Try us for your next job costing, or pricing of a new tool. Containing our overheads in our small operation makes us extremely price competitive!